Landfill workers search through trash to find woman’s missing ring


A waste collection truck crew and workers at a North Carolina landfill came to the rescue when a woman realized some of her rings had accidentally ended up in the trash.

Chuck and Pam Smith, who recently relocated to New Hanover County, said Pam was cleaning the house recently when she realized some of her rings were missing.

“I just was frantic that I couldn’t find my rings,” Pam Smith told WECT-TV. “But, I knew in my heart I had thrown them accidentally in the trash.”

Chuck flagged down the Select Recycling Waste Services truck, but crew members Elliott Holliday and Kendrick Grady had already picked up trash from 25 other houses since visiting the Smith residence.

The workers called ahead to the New Hanover County landfill and told workers they had a truckload of trash that they needed to dump out and search through for some missing rings.

“We called and told them the problem,” Grady said. “We just needed a flat piece of land to be able to unload the truck.”

Kedar Brunson, who was in charge of the landfill on that day, gathered a crew of about a half dozen workers to help go through the mound of waste from the truck.

The search lasted for hours, finally ending just five minutes before closing time.

“It’s like we went through every bag. We went through, literally, the last bag before we found it,” Grady said. “It was truly a miracle.”

The Smiths said they are grateful for all the help recovering the lost rings.

“I just want people to remember there are a lot of good people on this Earth who are willing to help,” Pam Smith said.

New Hanover County also praised the sanitation workers.

“Thank you to our incredible #NHCgov Environmental Management team for going above and beyond in service to our community. We are so grateful for you and your limitless commitment to helping others,” the county tweeted.