Taylor Decker loves Dan Campbell’s mindset and approach


Left tackle Taylor Decker is on his third Lions head coach, having previously played under Jim Caldwell and Matt Patricia.

While Decker has yet to play a game under Dan Campbell — or even met him in person — he’s had a particularly positive impression of the new top coach in Detroit.

“I love him. I feel like I probably talk to him at least once a week. Have great, genuine conversations,” Decker said during his Tuesday press conference. “Definitely an intense guy but genuine and I just… His energy is great. I just love his mindset, approach. I’m just really excited to work with him.

“Obviously, I haven’t met him face to face but I’ve had plenty of phone calls. I’ve seen him on zoom calls. And I’m excited to work for him. And I’d seen when he got hired, plenty of players and former coaches that have coached with him on social media saying that’s a guy that guys will love to play for. And I get that vibe.”

Time will tell if Campbell will bring the Lions to a level of success they haven’t seen in generations. But at least for now, he appears to be off to a good start with one of the team’s most important players.