George Kittle on taking a QB: John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan haven’t led us astray yet


When the prospect of the 49ers moving on from Jimmy Garoppolo came up in February, tight end George Kittle said he thinks that Garoppolo “can lead us to another Super Bowl” and dismissed the discussion as a way to fill time during the offseason.

The 49ers’ trade for the No. 3 pick made it clear that talk of a quarterback change wasn’t just idle chatter. On NFL Network Wednesday, Kittle said Garoppolo’s “our quarterback” and that the 49ers “haven’t won without him” while also saying that the team has faith that General Manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan are making moves they think will result in on-field success.

“Kyle and John are doing whatever they can to make this team compete for a Super Bowl, and if they think that’s bringing in another quarterback, another tight end, another fullback, another linebacker, whatever it is, they’re just trying to make this team better and more competitive. I know the team trusts in them because they haven’t led us astray yet,” Kittle said, via

Lynch and Shanahan made a bet on Garoppolo when they traded for him and gave him a contract extension and it paid off with a trip to the Super Bowl. The bet they’re making on the No. 3 pick will have to generate at least that kind of success for them to remain in the circle of trust for years to come.